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We customize solutions to assist our clients' HR in strategies for attracting and selecting qualified professionals.


RSG Brasil highlights quality and speed in its recruitment and selection service, offering personalized service through specialized consultants and innovative tools.


RSG BRASIL HEADHUNTERS - executive recruitment and selection - SÃO PAULO

Through technical consultancy and mapping, we offer a broad and assertive view of positions in the market, providing updated information for Management, Management, Executive Board and Executive Search (C-Level) selection processes.


We identify potential candidates and collect relevant data to ensure a competitive advantage. Our service uses active research to collect information about other companies in the industry, market and customers, which is essential for making organizational decisions.

Committed to confidentiality, we respect complete secrecy regarding the identity of the client and professionals approached throughout the process carried out by RSG Brasil.
We guarantee the security of our clients' names and processes.

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