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Executive Recruitment and Selection: Success that combines Quality and Speed

In a dynamic and competitive scenario, recruitment and selection play a crucial role in business success.

Since 2009, we have developed a unique and efficient approach, centered on two fundamental principles of Recruitment and Selection: quality and speed.

recruitment and selection professionals

Quality in Recruitment and Selection: Transforming Professionals into Talents

  • Specialized consultants by area of activity.

  • Customized approach for each project or vacancy.

  • Exclusive and innovative tools throughout the process.

  • Building a robust network of relationships for active talent search.

Our consultants are true experts, each dedicated to a specific area. This personalized approach allows us to meet the diverse demands of our customers with excellence.

We use exclusive and innovative tools at all stages, from active candidate hunting to final feedback, ensuring a quality process from start to finish.

By building a robust network of relationships over the years, we stand out in the active search for talent, going beyond conventional databases.

All professionals are interviewed individually, references are thoroughly checked, and only the best are presented to clients.

Around 90% of processes are completed in the first shortlist, demonstrating our dedication to quality and assertiveness.

Speed Driven by Collaboration and Innovation

  • Optimized teamwork for an agile hunting process.

  • Own CRM system for direct and effective connection between client and candidate.

  • High standards established since 2009 and incorporation of cutting-edge technologies.

Our focus on speed is reflected in optimized teamwork. We use our own CRM system that connects clients and candidates directly and effectively. The hunting process is agile, aiming for quick and accurate solutions to fill vacancies.

Since the first contact in 2009, we have established high standards in recruitment and selection. We deepen our commitment to efficiency by incorporating cutting-edge technologies, such as the CRM system and specialized software, such as Catsone.

With a database of more than 190 thousand professionals and 4400 client base, we guarantee a wider reach and faster dissemination of opportunities.

recruitment and selection professionals

Adaptability in Challenging Times

  • Introduction of qualified recruitment and selection services in response to the pandemic.

  • Use of software such as Catsone and specific techniques for digital processes.

  • Obvious benefits: rapid dissemination, greater reach, easier communication, pre-selection with filters and task automation.

In response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, we introduced the qualified recruitment and selection service, prioritizing digital processes and direct research. Tools such as Catsone and specific HR techniques for the digital environment allow efficient and safe conduction of all stages of the selection process.

The benefits of this format are evident: rapid dissemination, greater reach, easier communication with candidates, pre-selection with precise filters and the automation of complex tasks.

Conclusion: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

In short, our recruitment and selection approach is a strategic fusion of quality and speed. Since 2009, we have built a solid reputation and continue to innovate to meet the changing needs of the job market.

Count on us to transform challenges into opportunities and ensure that hiring the best talent is always a competitive differentiator for your company.


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